President's Message

Jerry Amerosi, president of The Bucks

What an honor it is for me to serve as the President of the Bucks Business Network.

What has helped me the most in my professional life to grow my business and expand into new avenues were the opportunities I had to strategically network with like-minded business people. For me and my business and the entire Bucks membership, this happens every single week at our regular meetings and functions.

Networking is the heart and soul of the Bucks organization. The networking and regular interactions -business to business- done within the club helps each one of our members address their business challenges, grow their business, and ultimately improve upon their business skills on a consistent basis. The Bucks Business Network gives each member access to a network of business colleagues who share the same goal – growing their business. Through our networking and commitment to excellence in our businesses, our membership consists of the finest leaders in a variety of industries and professions. We are the ultimate source for consumer needs in our community and can be relied upon to help our community connect with reputable and experienced businesses.

Take your business to the next level. Find the best business to take your business. Use this website often. Get to know the Bucks Business Network. Jerry Amerosi President Bucks Business Network.


Jerry Amerosi
President, Bucks Business Network

Bucks In The News 2015-05-22

Bucks Industry Expert helps to increase access to needed equipment for disabled through legislation in Albany

Bucks member, George Fehling, is looking to help the disabled community to have the financial means to purchase equipment needed to help them function in their day-to-day activities. George is looking to garner support for the passage of legislation in Albany to address this. Read the full article here.


Representing industries that are the type of professionals you need to hire, whether routinely or occasionally in your personal life or perhaps in your own business or career, the Bucks Business Network is your “go to” organization when not knowing where to take your business.

The Bucks Business Network is comprised of over 70 business professionals who, by virtue of their Bucks membership and the principals on which it was formed, have a made a commitment to be the best business people they can be. Use this website to familiarize yourself with our membership. Let the Bucks Business Network be your premier business resource. Bringing over 70 experienced, involved, and credible business leaders together under one umbrella, with one mission, gives us the ability to do that.

Non-members can browse our Member's Directory to find small business owners representing the various industries and trades.

Visit the site often. Encourage others to do so as well. Let us be the resource we naturally are – the Bucks Business Network.


Logged in members can view detailed information about other members, not visible to the general public. Members may edit and update their own profiles.

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Founder's Message

David Rampulla, Founder of The Bucks

As founders of the Bucks Business Network we have always believed that businesses learn from their mistakes. In forming the Bucks, we brought together an elite group of business people who are willing to share their ideas and experience.

As the saying goes, "knowledge is power," so goes the logic that Buck members don't need to learn from mistakes. Inherently, each member has a large pool of strong business leaders to share their ideas with.... This exchange fosters an environment of constant improvement and the ability for members to avoid unnecessary management challenges.

The Bucks are the finest collection of business people on Staten Island. They have consistently aided in the profitability of our businesses, and have been a part of our lives since 1991.

John Monte and David Rampulla
Founders, Bucks Business Network