Volunteering is Good for Business...topic of recent meeting through remarks given by SI Division Director of March of Dimes

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"It's just good business, to do good," were the opening remarks by speaker, Mary Anne Semon, Division Director of the March of Dimes, Staten Island, at a recent Bucks meeting.

Visiting the club to talk about how volunteering, whether it is by the principals of a business or their employees, is a good thing to do to grow and engage your business in the community. Charitable organizations are always looking for individuals and companies to help them conduct programs, raise funds for their organization, and assist them in fulfilling their mission and serving their clients.  Ms. Semon noted that according to the IRS, 85 percent of charitable groups have no paid staff and are all run by volunteers.


Ms. Semon discussed during her remarks that getting involved in community work with charitable groups helped to: enhance skills, win publicity, make new contacts, and bolster employee morale. Several Bucks members noted that their reputation was enhanced by serving on boards and participating in volunteer projects, noting that despite the benefits they enjoyed being involved in the community and giving back.



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