Bucks member Gregg Iliceto, CPA, talks tax tips with us at recent meeting.

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Bucks member, Gregg Iliceto, CPA, discussed tax tips with the club membership at a recent meeting.

Gregg advised members to look for opportunities to make equipment purchases for your business that can be deducted on your tax filings. Gregg often advises clients to do this before the year's end because a company can save money by purchasing needed equipment such as trucks and heating and air conditioning units that results in an expense that is fully tax deductible.

Additionally, Gregg used his remarks to warn club members to consider getting a PIN number from the IRS to protect from people fraudulently filing on your company's behalf to gain the proceeds from your company's filing. This happens when unscrupulous individuals get someone's social security number. They use the number to make up fax tax filing documents and file them on your behalf.

Lastly, Greg discussed changes to the filing schedule for different corporation structures for next year.




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