Entrepreneur and nationally recognized tax expert, Len Green, speaks about being successful business owners.

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A nationally recognized tax expert and entrepreneur, Len Green, President of the Green Group, spoke at a recent meeting to engage and discuss with Bucks members philosophies and approaches to building successful businesses.

Admitting that about a third of the companies he has owned have failed, Mr. Green spoke about what he learned from these experiences and how it has helped him grow other businesses into successful ones.

Some of the tips and suggestions offered by Mr. Green included:

- Know why you are going into a certain business. What is the basis for it? Many successful businesses are successful because the owners like what they do.

- Be open to bartering. Mr. Green was involved in creating a T.V. trivia game and he secured some free advertising in certain mediums by offering those mediums a percent of ownership in the company.

- Be smarter than your competition. In responding to a question about operating in a City with heavy regulations, Mr. Green reminded the audience that your competitors are "in the same boat as you." See what they are doing. Do it better. And perhaps create your own niche. Attempt to differentiate your service or profession.

- One of the main keys to success as noted by Mr. Green is to hire smart people and empower them to make decisions. Reward them and give them incentives to help build your company.

- As for preparing an exit strategy for your business, Mr. Green advised that this should be done after determining what your business goal is: keeping the business in the family, going public with it, or perhaps building it up and then selling it.

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