Bucks member, Kinetic Electric, discusses his career as an electrician and business owner.

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Bucks member, Doug MacKenzie of Kinetic Electric, spoke this month about his career as a union electrician and then head of an electrician company for 24 years.

Not knowing what career direction to take after high school, Doug began his career at NY Telephone, based in Harlem. When he was told it would take 15 years to transfer to Staten Island, Doug switched gears and began going to college and was accepted into the electrical union. Doug was also in the U.S. Navel Reserve.  Having entered the union with a college degree, Doug did not have to go to apprenticeship school and spent ten years in the field on union jobs. With the union taking note of his college degree, Doug was moved to the union headquarters in Queens to manage the union's projects with his biggest assignment as manager of the Republic National Bank project (now HSBC) in Manhattan.

In 1988 Doug decided to open up his business, Kinetic Electric, to service the people of Staten Island with affordable rates and quality service. Doug explained that during that time period, not many contractors were doing just electric work, therefore he thought this was a good way to offer a specialized service and earn a living.



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