Newly Elected District Attorney Michael McMahon Speaks to Bucks

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Saying that "crime challenges our community, family, and lives", District Attorney Michael McMahon spoke at the Bucks meeting this month to discuss his priorities and accomplishments to date after his first six months in office.

The D.A.'s presentation touched on the following:

- An announcement that his office is installing a modernized networking system, a case management system, to better manage the 600 felonies and all misdemeanors being handled by his staff.

- The District Attorney also announced that he is paying special attention to hiring local legal talent in his office having recently added a new Criminal Court Chief and a trial attorney with 17 years experience.

- In one of his biggest announcements to the club, the District Attorney was pleased to report that he advocated strongly for an increase to his office's operating budget and is receiving a 3.6 million dollar increase from the City of New York, the largest increase for an agency in the budget.

- The prosecution of animal cruelty is also a priority for the District Attorney noting that if an animal is abused it could be the precursor to other crimes against people.

- The District Attorney also announced the formation of a Domestic  Violence Unit to pay particular attention to this crime, especially with domestic violence increasing on Staten Island.

During the D.A.'s presentation to the club, particular attention and discussion was given to the horrific drug problem being faced by our community. Noting that since Jan. 1 of this year there have been 50 drug overdose deaths, with that number reflecting only the ones we know about, the ones reported, the District Attorney stated that he will prosecute drug dealers toughly and not offer plea agreements to these offenders. The District Attorney also noted that our community's drug epidemic knows no boundaries; it is affecting every age and every community in our borough.

In addition to the tough prosecution of drug dealers, the District Attorney's staff is working on drug prevention as well by his staff regularly visiting students in schools and also working with the judicial system to get treatment sooner (before sentencing) for drug offenders to attack the addiction problem early.


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