Carl's House was discussed at recent Bucks meeting.

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Massimo DiDonna of the Carl V. Bini Foundation spoke at a recent meeting to discuss the Foundation‘s news project, Carl‘s House. The Bini Foundation was organized by the family of Carl V. Bini who lost his life on 9/11. The foundation is a way to keep Carl‘s memory alive and give back to the community.

Carl‘s House is a place individuals, who are addicted to drugs, can go and seek help. Volunteers who are former addicts are very involved in Carl‘s House offering support to those looking for help and assisting them throughout their recovery. Carl‘s House acts as a resource center to direct people to the variety of programs available to someone looking to beat their addiction problem.

“It‘s a non-biased place to bridge the gap between addiction and recovery,“ said Massimo during his remarks. Massimo encouraged the Bucks, as local business leaders, to consider hiring those in recovery to help them get back on their feet and on their way to a more stable and fulfilling future.


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