Retaining your employees. How to do that? Guest Speaker this week, Belinda Digiambattista, offers some tips.

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Saying that 2 and a half million Americans quit their job every month and half of employers saying that millenials have a greater job turnover, Belinda Digiambattista, CEO and Founder of Choose Your Metric, a business consulting company, spoke this week at Bucks offering tips on how to engage your employees so you can retain them.

Belinda discussed the different reasons why employees generally leave their place of employment such as:  lack of opportunity or personal development; wanting a more customizable career; looking for something different; inadequate compensation; bored, lack of a challenge; or looking for a better work\life balance.  These indicators are red flags for employers to be aware of and address so employees can be retained and professionally developed for the betterment of the company. Ms. Digiambattista pointed out that loosing a solid employee costs the company money in the long wrong.


"How to get your employees to stay" was outlined throughout the speaker's remarks and several tips and suggestions were offered with the goal of encouraging business owners  to engage their employees both in their work and the future of the company. Ms. Digiambattista suggested to our members that we  meet with our employees either individually or collectively such as through a company town hall meeting to discusss the state of the company and how employees are an integral part of the operation, the team.  Reminding us that millenials often want to feel connected to their work\their cause, the speaker suggested we work with employees to identify their goals and create a work culture or environment that supports them. Job sharing, working from home, time to attend to family commitments, are all examples of how employers can offer some flexibility to better support their employees, and in turn, breed loyalty and support for the company overall.

"When you show some support for the priorities of your employees whether with their professional goals or personal goals, you often get back so much in return when it comes to the support for your business, " said Ms. Digiambattista. She added that stay interviews and performance evaluations are important as well so employees know what is expected of them to ensure a solid future with the company.

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