Bucks Steve Coppola of APB Security spoke this month about his career and how he grew his security business.

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Discussing the many jobs and career opportunities presented to him throughout his life from his favorite job at 13 years old cleaning a church, which always put money in his pocket, to his career with the New York City Police Department, Steve Coppola offered many stories and commentary on how these work and life experiences shaped him and led him to becoming a successful owner of a security company.

APB Security is a full service company that has various niches in the security market including their video doorman service allowing landlords to control visitors and monitor loiterers through video monitoring and its own central monitoring station to monitor closely its customers security occurrences. Saying that APB's biggest investment was moving their offices to the Teleport, SI, it allowed the company to grow and include a central station and provide space for sister companies run by Steve's children:  Statewide Fire Corporation and Statewide Monitoring.

Saying its always good to have a healthy skepticism when it comes to running your business, Steve's stated his attitude and his desire to become an expert in his field allowed him to grow and create niches within the security industry.

 Steve is also involved in other local organizations such as Home Improvement Contractor's Association, Boy Scouts, Staten Island Chamber of Commerce, and the Small Business Development Center.

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