Kills Boro Brewing Company Speaks to club about craft beers and its opening this coming Spring.

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Saying that the craft beer community is a strong community and New York Ciity and New York State has experienced a 50 percent growth in the craft beer industry, Sean Torres of Kills Boro Brewing Company spoke to our club recently about its plan to open a 10 barrell beer house this coming Spring. To be located in the Craft House at 60 Van Duzer Street, Kills Boro will brew 40 different styles of craft beer such as an Irish Dry Stout and Belgium Double Fig. To explain the type of individuals who enjoy craft beer, Sean described craft beer consumers as promiscuous always looking to taste a different type of beer. As a result, brewing companies are always looking to expand their offerings and work closely with their colleagues in the business as well.


The name of the company - Kills Boro - focuses on "Kill" in homage to the waterways surrounding Staten Island. The word "Kill" is a dutch word for body of water. Sean reminded the group of the rich roots in this borough for the production of beer and that many of those who began in the industry were from German descent and enjoyed the fresh run off water from Todt Hall to produce their beer.

Sean answered many questions after his presentation such as the reason certain beers are more conducive to being served in certain glasses; how to properly store beer for maximum taste; the higher alcohol content for craft beers; and how to brew your own beer in your home which Sean highly recommended that people do at least once.



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