Travel Expert, Gerry Fredericksen, discusses the value of hiring a professional travel agent.

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Although her dream of becoming a Rockette did not come to be (although she did by happenstance come across the Rockettes and joined them for a spontaneous dance) , Gerry Fredericksen is a leader in the Travel industry opening up Love Travel in 1998 with encouragement from several members of the Bucks club. Gerry joined Bucks in 1995 when there were only 13 men and two women.

Now, almost 2 decades later, Love Travel is thriving with a majority of its increased business coming through referrals from satisfied customers. Just recently, Gerry received an industry award - Palace Resorts Pro Awards Global Conference -being recognized in the Gold category along with many other global and internet travel agencies. As stated in her presentation to the club this month, "not bad for a one woman show!".

Love Travel handles a variety of vacation packages and business assistance travel for a variety of clients and is very skilled at designing customized itineraries to Europe, destination weddings, and trips to Disney. To keep up her knowledge on the places that people enjoy vacationing, Gerry visits the popular destinations that her clients find appealing.


Gerry explained in her presentation that hiring a travel agency like Love Travel has so many benefits: travel fees and deals will be monitored and shared with you; customized packages and itineraries can be designed; travel professionals work through any problems or unexpected occurrences during your travel - before, during and after. Gerry also offered some tips to all travelers: make sure the right tag is placed on your luggage at airports or it will get lost; take photos of your luggage just in case it gets lost; and if you are connecting flights best to stay with same airline to reduce the possibility of lost luggage.

And lastly, when you use a travel agent you are hiring someone who is seasoned in finding the best deals and promotions for your vacation plans. "If you find a deal on the internet, just remember, if there is a better deal out there, the internet won't call you, but Love Travel will," said Gerry.


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