Airway Management and Sleep Apnea are focus of Dr. Acker's remarks this month to fellow members.

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Not treating Sleep Apnea could decrease your life span by 8 years. This startling remark was one of the many facts presented to Bucks members this month by Dr. Acker during his presentation on airway management and Sleep Apnea as it affects overall health.

17 years ago, Dr. Acker discovered some underlining issues with his heart and he also discovered that he had Sleep Apnea. Now that the Sleep Apnea has been treated he shared with us that his quality of life has dramatically approved. Dr. Acker discussed treatments for Sleep Apnea and how important it is for children through adults to get an airway assessment to make sure they are breathing correctly - ideally breathing through the nose and breathing less. This is ideal for your overall health as explained by Dr. Acker.

Dr. Acker stated there are medical consequences for poor airways which often lead to sleep issues. It can be managed correctly, however, with the proper appliances such as masks or oral devices you insert in your mouth before you go to sleep. Dr. Acker strongly encouraged that everyone, especially children, be screened to identify any underlying airway issues. Children, as young as three years old, can be assessed by a dentist to determine if their tongue is in the right position and their jaw is developing properly to avoid airway and possible sleep apnea later in life. Some studies have indicated there is a correlation between ADHD in children and not breathing properly.

Dr. Acker is working to get the medical community, including pediatricians, to work collaboratively on not only airway and sleep issues but a patient's overall health. This is been the philosophy of his practice for some time now and he is always looking for ways to treat his patients with a team of medical professionals that work in concert to allow a patient to achieve optimal health.

Dr. Acker is on the dental teaching staff of Brookdale Hospital and an instructor with the Kois Center.


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