Bucks Personal Trainer member, Jason Serapiglia of Pique Fitness, provides tips to obtain optimal performance.

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Describing himself as a very smart, but overweight kid, Jason shared his life story at a recent meeting and the decisions that led him to start his own business, Pique Fitness, and work as a personal trainer for "high achievers who want to obtain optimal performance."

After working on Wall Street as a head of Hedgefund recruiting, Jason tapped into his bioengineering and neuroscience course work from Syracuse University to help him propel his passion into a business. Not being in his best health during his time on Wall Street added to his decision to change his personal health situation and his career course.

Looking to offer some helpful advice with respect to exercise and nutrition so that everybody can be their best version of themselves, Jason offered tips during his presentation to help Bucks members with their optimal performance goals, such as:

-  Exercise or "play" just like your teachers required of you in school during recess. Our bodies and minds need time to move and be physical.

-  You will feel better and your organs will do their job if you stay away from the bad food and not eat inflammatory foods like processed foods, sugary foods, and fatty foods.


- Eat protein to build muscle and keep you full (eggs, meats, cheese, protein shakes).

- Drink 2 glasses of water per meal.

- Keep an eye on portion size.

- Keep a food log to notice patterns when you are not making good food choices.

Jason also shared with the club that he authored an e-book titled, "The One Hour Guide to Optimal Performance", that provides more insight into the tools and habits for creating optimal performance.

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