Bucks resident accountant, Gregg Iliceto, featured speaker this month.

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Gregg Iliceto CPA, LLC, of Gregg Iliceto, Certified Public Accountant, was a guest speaker this month at Bucks.

Gregg's client base is regional with his firm servicing approximately 160 commercial clients and 600 individual clients. Discussing the tax filing process, Gregg touched on the ability of unscrupulous people to collect fraudulent returns. Identities are stolen and then used to submit false filing documents. If someone is victim to this, the IRS will investigate and correct the inaccuracies and make good on the return owed to the legitimate tax filer.  If someone is a victim of this, the IRS will offer another layer of protection to the victimized filer to prevent this occurring again.

Gregg also discuss sales tax filings and routinely encourages his commercial clients to keep good records on sales tax. Paying sales tax as a business is critical because unpaid taxes on sales will folllow the life of your business.

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