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Describing himself as a very smart, but overweight kid, Jason shared his life story at a recent meeting and the decisions that led him to start his own business, Pique Fitness, and work as a personal trainer for "high achievers who want to obtain optimal performance."

After working on Wall Street as a head of Hedgefund recruiting, Jason tapped into his bioengineering and neuroscience course work from Syracuse University to help him propel his passion into a business. Not being in his best health during his time on Wall Street added to his decision to change his personal health situation and his career course.

Looking to offer some helpful advice with respect to exercise and nutrition so that everybody can be their best version of themselves, Jason offered tips during his presentation to help Bucks members with their optimal performance goals, such as:

-  Exercise or "play" just like your teachers required of you in school during recess. Our bodies and minds need time to move and be physical.

-  You will feel better and your organs will do their job if you stay away from the bad food and not eat inflammatory foods like processed foods, sugary foods, and fatty foods.


- Eat protein to build muscle and keep you full (eggs, meats, cheese, protein shakes).

- Drink 2 glasses of water per meal.

- Keep an eye on portion size.

- Keep a food log to notice patterns when you are not making good food choices.

Jason also shared with the club that he authored an e-book titled, "The One Hour Guide to Optimal Performance", that provides more insight into the tools and habits for creating optimal performance.

From developing his entrepreneurial spirit at a young age by selling baseball cards at school to working as a young lawyer at a firm that initially just guaranteed him a "place" there (no high wages or impressive title), Harold has always valued hard work. It is that spirit that has helped him be a successful attorney for decades.

As this week's speaker, Harold shared with us not only his career in the law but his career in politics. Harold enjoyed a long, working relationship with former Congressman Guy Molinari as his law partner and Chief of Staff when Guy first began his foray into politics as a New York State Assemblyman. As his Chief of Staff, Harold worked weekends, handled correspondence, and wrote press releases on issues of importance on Staten Island. At that time, he was also a partner in a law firm that included Molinari. Over the years the partners in the firm shifted with Guy exiting when he became Staten Island's Congressman. Harold eventually became a sole practitioner and ten years ago welcomed his son Christopher to the firm who brought with him a license to practice in New Jersey allowing the firm to service its clients in a broader sense.


Harold takes great pride in his dedication to thoroughly reviewing any type of contract his clients bring to his attention for legal review. Bucks members who have turned to Harold for legal advice commented that oftentimes contracts were returned to them with lots of notes and "cross outs." This attention to detail to ultimately protect the interests of his clients has helped him build a very good legal reputation.

Harold is a graduate of Xaverian High school, New York University School of Law, and is a married with four children and several grandchildren, who he described in his presentation, as those who "melted me" when they first arrived.


Having graduated with an undergraduate degree in Accounting and a Masters Degree in Taxation, Billy spent the early part of his professional career working for a large accounting firm in New York City. After years of long hours, he decided to join the family business, Reliable Office Solutions to help run it more efficientely and effectively and further develop a business his father grew over the years to be very successful.

Billy spent his initial time and energy on improving the administrative end of the business, improving the company's finances, and hiring a new service manager to further build the company and its reputation for providing quality Canon printers and service. The type of Canon equipment Reliable keeps in its inventory has changed over the years as Canon consistently develops and improves their copiers. In the 1980s and 1990s, Billy commented there was a transition in the industry when the color copier became available and many businesses embraced this technology greatly benefiting his customer growth and reach.

With four offices, two in New Jersey, one in Manhattan, and the corporate office in Staten Island, a majority of Reliable's business is "down the street" business servicing professional offices and businesses. Some of the company's successes are credited to the telemarketing team responsible for building the company's customer base and the addition of a computer program Billy helped build with computer programming professionals. The computer program, called Butterfly, helps with the company's workflow and management by tracking each client from the beginning to the end: from someone who is a prospective customer, to becoming a customer, the equipment\service agreement they have, and their inventory or upgrades. This program allows the whole team at Reliable  to have access to the history of each client they serve which enables them to more effectively interact with them and meet their needs.

Reliable is a full service office solution company assisting clients with their printing needs, suggesting replacement copiers when necessary, handling repairs and service, and even remote monitoring of copier usage and ink cartridge usage. They can offer suggestions to prospective clients on the type of copier equipment that best suits their particular business and monitor the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment to ensure their business operations run smoothly and uninterrupted.

Not treating Sleep Apnea could decrease your life span by 8 years. This startling remark was one of the many facts presented to Bucks members this month by Dr. Acker during his presentation on airway management and Sleep Apnea as it affects overall health.

17 years ago, Dr. Acker discovered some underlining issues with his heart and he also discovered that he had Sleep Apnea. Now that the Sleep Apnea has been treated he shared with us that his quality of life has dramatically approved. Dr. Acker discussed treatments for Sleep Apnea and how important it is for children through adults to get an airway assessment to make sure they are breathing correctly - ideally breathing through the nose and breathing less. This is ideal for your overall health as explained by Dr. Acker.

Dr. Acker stated there are medical consequences for poor airways which often lead to sleep issues. It can be managed correctly, however, with the proper appliances such as masks or oral devices you insert in your mouth before you go to sleep. Dr. Acker strongly encouraged that everyone, especially children, be screened to identify any underlying airway issues. Children, as young as three years old, can be assessed by a dentist to determine if their tongue is in the right position and their jaw is developing properly to avoid airway and possible sleep apnea later in life. Some studies have indicated there is a correlation between ADHD in children and not breathing properly.

Dr. Acker is working to get the medical community, including pediatricians, to work collaboratively on not only airway and sleep issues but a patient's overall health. This is been the philosophy of his practice for some time now and he is always looking for ways to treat his patients with a team of medical professionals that work in concert to allow a patient to achieve optimal health.

Dr. Acker is on the dental teaching staff of Brookdale Hospital and an instructor with the Kois Center.


Although her dream of becoming a Rockette did not come to be (although she did by happenstance come across the Rockettes and joined them for a spontaneous dance) , Gerry Fredericksen is a leader in the Travel industry opening up Love Travel in 1998 with encouragement from several members of the Bucks club. Gerry joined Bucks in 1995 when there were only 13 men and two women.

Now, almost 2 decades later, Love Travel is thriving with a majority of its increased business coming through referrals from satisfied customers. Just recently, Gerry received an industry award - Palace Resorts Pro Awards Global Conference -being recognized in the Gold category along with many other global and internet travel agencies. As stated in her presentation to the club this month, "not bad for a one woman show!".

Love Travel handles a variety of vacation packages and business assistance travel for a variety of clients and is very skilled at designing customized itineraries to Europe, destination weddings, and trips to Disney. To keep up her knowledge on the places that people enjoy vacationing, Gerry visits the popular destinations that her clients find appealing.


Gerry explained in her presentation that hiring a travel agency like Love Travel has so many benefits: travel fees and deals will be monitored and shared with you; customized packages and itineraries can be designed; travel professionals work through any problems or unexpected occurrences during your travel - before, during and after. Gerry also offered some tips to all travelers: make sure the right tag is placed on your luggage at airports or it will get lost; take photos of your luggage just in case it gets lost; and if you are connecting flights best to stay with same airline to reduce the possibility of lost luggage.

And lastly, when you use a travel agent you are hiring someone who is seasoned in finding the best deals and promotions for your vacation plans. "If you find a deal on the internet, just remember, if there is a better deal out there, the internet won't call you, but Love Travel will," said Gerry.


Business reporter for the Staten Island Advance published a story on the minimum wage increase. Bucks member, George Zaloom, offered his perspective on the issue.

Read the full article here.

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