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Kevin Elkins from NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer's Office spoke to club members about the responsibilities and programs of the NYC Comptroller's Office. Kevin also took the opportunity to answer several questions from members about minimum wage, tax issues, paid sick leave, and city regulatory bodies that small businesses interact.

Kevin described in detail the duties of the Comptroller's Office including overseeing the pension fund, managing the variety of claims brought against the City of New York (there are 700 million claims against the City) , and auditing of city agencies to ensure that tax payer monies are being spent and managed appropriately.  The Comptroller's Office also reviews all city contracts to ensure they are legitimate and appropriate. Some of the Comptroller's audits focused on monies that should have been appropriated more efficiently to the special needs community through the NYC Department of Education and problems associated with the Hurricane Sandy recovery program - Build it Back.

Kevin also discussed the Comptroller's Red Tape Commissions, handed out a guide to becoming a vendor in New York City, and discussed Comptroller Stringer's understanding of Staten Island issues that are of importance and need attention like potholes and transportation alternatives such as light rail.

Describing themselves as the premier, nutritionally balanced, and affordable meal prep outfit, Noah Carter and Tim English, gave a presentation at a recent meeting about their company, CleanEats, and the services they provide.

CleanEats operates in New Jersey and New York and is designed to take the guessing work out of healthy eating. Following the principles of clean eating - replacing processed foods with fresh and natural foods - CleanEats provides fresh, never frozen, meals delivered straight to your door. With a certified nutritionist on staff, CleanEats can tailor your meals to your needs and goals whether they be loosing weight or getting stronger.  The company has three different types of programs: the shredding program (maintain\\\\increase muscle and deplete body fat), the bulking program (optimize muscle growth with minimizing fat gain), and the balance program (providing a well balanced overall diet).

We do the work for you is how Noah and Tim described the value of their service and the reason many people find it appealing.


Bucks member, Pete Monzi of Shamrock Paints, cleverly began his remarks stating that he hoped after listening to the presentation members would not describe it as - watching paint dry!  Members did not.

Pete gave an overview of how long he has been in business and the adaptations he has made to the business over the years. A graduate of Wagner College, Pete bought Shamrock Paints from its previous owner in June of 1985 when he was 26 years old. He bought the business from a client of his father-in-law and the prior owner stayed on for 2 months to show Pete the ropes. With no experience in the painting industry, the assistance was most welcome. Pete built his mom and pop business to be one of not only selling paint to his neighbors and local contractors, but a business that provides all the products and services to be a full decorating center offering wall and floor products, for example. The staff at the stores (one is located on Victory Boulevard and one on Richmond Avenue) include an interior decorator and a color consultant.

As someone who has been at the counter of the store for decades, Pete enjoys seeing the generation of customers who enter the stores and interacting with the children of those who were his first customers when he opened.

Taking great pride in the quality of paint he sells, Pete is also proud of the knowledge and years of experience he has accumulated to guide homeowners on important decorating decisions such as: how to pick the right color, what type of paint works for a type of room, and home decorating tips.


Massimo DiDonna of the Carl V. Bini Foundation spoke at a recent meeting to discuss the Foundation‘s news project, Carl‘s House. The Bini Foundation was organized by the family of Carl V. Bini who lost his life on 9/11. The foundation is a way to keep Carl‘s memory alive and give back to the community.

Carl‘s House is a place individuals, who are addicted to drugs, can go and seek help. Volunteers who are former addicts are very involved in Carl‘s House offering support to those looking for help and assisting them throughout their recovery. Carl‘s House acts as a resource center to direct people to the variety of programs available to someone looking to beat their addiction problem.

“It‘s a non-biased place to bridge the gap between addiction and recovery,“ said Massimo during his remarks. Massimo encouraged the Bucks, as local business leaders, to consider hiring those in recovery to help them get back on their feet and on their way to a more stable and fulfilling future.


Watch Sal Sottile of Sottile Security being interviewed by NY1News on keeping safe following some disturbing crimes on Staten Island.

See the interview here.

Bucks member, Jason Serapiglia of Pique Fitness, recently spoke at a Bucks meeting to discuss ways to take control of your health to be a better business person and ultimately live a better life.

The following is the outlined he used for his presentation. Jason highlighted various strategies and tips to be successful with your health.


Own The Vision and Build The Culture

-          CEO of a business is the person that defines the culture via a vision or mission statement (“The Rules”).

-          Just like a business has a framework for the way things are done, you should for your health and fitness as well.

-          Make your commitments and keep them. Breaking them will make it easier to do in the future.


Build and Lead Your Executive Team

-          In any venture, success does not come without help. In your business, you build out a team that takes “The Rules” you’ve set, rallies together and makes them happen.

-          Building out a team for your health is essential as well. Surround yourself with people who are positive, will enable you to reach your goals and hold you accountable for achieving them.

-          Many people are resistant to change because they don’t think they are capable of achieving what they want. They will tell you that you cant achieve your goals either. DO NOT SURROUND YOURSELF WITH THESE PEOPLE!

-          If you are lacking in exercise and nutrition knowledge, seek out reputable websites, books and/or professionals to fill in the gaps.


Capital Allocation

-          As a business leader, you set the budgets, focus on worthwhile projects  and make other financial decisions that push the business forward.

-          When talking about health, its time, not money, that is the capital you are working with.

-          You need to budget your time to allow fitness into your life on a daily basis.

-          Action step: schedule your workouts like you schedule your meetings. Put them in your calendar and don’t let something else take priority over them.


Using MATH To Get You To Your Ideal Health

-          Mindset

  • “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” –Henry Ford
  • The achievement of your health goals is predicated on your belief that you can be successful.
  • Use mantras, motivational tapes or podcasts and positive visualization as ways to build a success mindset.
  • Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time Sensitive) goals and write them down on 3 sets of index cards.
  • Keep one on your nightstand, one on your person and one at work and review them 2-3 times a day.
  • Attach a strong “why” to your goals.
  • Meditation
    • Great way to enable yourself to control your thoughts, regain energy, alleviate stress and stay motivated
    • Headspace app

-          Accountability

  • One of the most important parts of your fitness journey.
  • Tell people about your goals so that you have people to keep you honest and focused on achieving them.
  • “Motivation is like bathing. Neither of them last, that’s why we suggest you do it everyday.” – Zig Ziglar
  • Motivation and willpower do not exist. Need to regenerate both on a daily basis for yourself.
    • Keep your “why” in mind
    • Review your goals daily
    • Keep trigger foods (chips, cookies, candy, etc.) OUT of the house
  • Accountability is the reason why Weight Watchers, personal training and coaching are viable businesses.

-          Training

  • Group exercise and nutrition under this heading
  • Need both to hit your goals (100% effort on both ends)
  • Exercise gets you to what you want to look like in the mirror
  • Nutrition takes care of the number on the scale
    • Quantity of food makes the numbers go down, quality of food keeps you full and looking good
  • Most efficient forms of exercise for fat loss, in order
    • Metabolic Resistance Training (Interval training using weights)
    • Resistance Training (standard sets and reps weight training)
    • Cardio
  • If you have 3 hours or less to dedicate to exercise, do metabolic resistance training
  • If you have 3-5, add 2 days of resistance
  • If you have 5-8, add cardio
  • More than 8? Start a new business…you have too much free time!!
  • Most exercise and nutrition plans will work for most people so long as they are committed, consistent and progressively change their workouts/nutrition when needed
  • 3 Nutrition Tips to Institute NOW
    • 90% of your food from the supermarket should come from the outer ring of the store (fruits, vegetables, fish, meats, some dairy)
    • Food Portions
      • Men: 2 palms of protein, 1 cupped handful of carbs, 2 fists of vegetables, 2 thumbs of fat
      • Women: 1 palm of protein, 1 cupped handful of carbs, 1 fist of vegetables, 1 thumb of fat
    • When dining out, send the bread basket back and ask the server to box half your entrée before it comes out

-          Habit Formation

  • The key that makes everything work
  • If you are looking to change your health it’s because you’ve been committed to behaviors that are unhealthy
  • Only way to reverse this is to change your behaviors
  • NO QUICK FIXES, habit change is an ongoing process requiring consistency and commitment
  • Trying to instill one habit at a time is 85% successful.
  • Instilling 2 habits at a time is 33% successful
  • 3 or more: 0%
  • Most people try to do too much, too soon
  • Pick ONE THING that can make major strides for you now and commit to doing it for the next 2-3 weeks with 80-90% success
  • May not seem like much but that’s 17-26 new habits formed over a year, more than enough to make significant changes in your life



Calling it the "People's Foundation of Staten Island, Teddy Atlas, former trainer for Mike Tyson and sports commentator on ESPN and other outlets, spoke to the membership recently about his career as a boxing trainer and the foundation he runs in honor of his father, The Dr. Teddy Atlas Foundation.

The Foundation looks to meet the pressing and immediate needs of Staten Island families. Whether it is installing a handicapped ramp, finding emergency housing for a family, or paying for surgery for a child for a procedure not covered by insurance, The Teddy Atlas Foundation's mission is to help local people in need. Money for the foundation is raised at a variety of events, most notable their annual dinner which occurs every year before Thanksgiving and draws an average of 45 celebrities in attendance.

Like his father did as a primary doctor on Staten Island and one of the founding members of Doctor's Hospital, the foundation also does house calls looking for opportunities to help families, especially in providing guidance for young people in their formative years. Young people's needs are addressed through the boxing centers run by Teddy Atlas which gives kids opportunities to be involved in the sport of boxing combined with an educational component as well.

During his presentation, Teddy also shared many stories from his career working as a commentator at the Olympics in Sydney, Athens, Beijing, and London, as well as opportunities in the film industry where he worked as a consultant on film projects involving boxing.

Bucks member, Maryann Piazza of Majestic Vending, discusses her company's survival after SuperStorm Sandy and other challenges.

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