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Saying that "crime challenges our community, family, and lives", District Attorney Michael McMahon spoke at the Bucks meeting this month to discuss his priorities and accomplishments to date after his first six months in office.

The D.A.'s presentation touched on the following:

- An announcement that his office is installing a modernized networking system, a case management system, to better manage the 600 felonies and all misdemeanors being handled by his staff.

- The District Attorney also announced that he is paying special attention to hiring local legal talent in his office having recently added a new Criminal Court Chief and a trial attorney with 17 years experience.

- In one of his biggest announcements to the club, the District Attorney was pleased to report that he advocated strongly for an increase to his office's operating budget and is receiving a 3.6 million dollar increase from the City of New York, the largest increase for an agency in the budget.

- The prosecution of animal cruelty is also a priority for the District Attorney noting that if an animal is abused it could be the precursor to other crimes against people.

- The District Attorney also announced the formation of a Domestic  Violence Unit to pay particular attention to this crime, especially with domestic violence increasing on Staten Island.

During the D.A.'s presentation to the club, particular attention and discussion was given to the horrific drug problem being faced by our community. Noting that since Jan. 1 of this year there have been 50 drug overdose deaths, with that number reflecting only the ones we know about, the ones reported, the District Attorney stated that he will prosecute drug dealers toughly and not offer plea agreements to these offenders. The District Attorney also noted that our community's drug epidemic knows no boundaries; it is affecting every age and every community in our borough.

In addition to the tough prosecution of drug dealers, the District Attorney's staff is working on drug prevention as well by his staff regularly visiting students in schools and also working with the judicial system to get treatment sooner (before sentencing) for drug offenders to attack the addiction problem early.


Bucks member, Brian Licata of United Activities Unlimited, encourages businesses to sign up for the Ladders for Leaders program if in need of summer interns.

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Bucks member, Doug MacKenzie of Kinetic Electric, spoke this month about his career as a union electrician and then head of an electrician company for 24 years.

Not knowing what career direction to take after high school, Doug began his career at NY Telephone, based in Harlem. When he was told it would take 15 years to transfer to Staten Island, Doug switched gears and began going to college and was accepted into the electrical union. Doug was also in the U.S. Navel Reserve.  Having entered the union with a college degree, Doug did not have to go to apprenticeship school and spent ten years in the field on union jobs. With the union taking note of his college degree, Doug was moved to the union headquarters in Queens to manage the union's projects with his biggest assignment as manager of the Republic National Bank project (now HSBC) in Manhattan.

In 1988 Doug decided to open up his business, Kinetic Electric, to service the people of Staten Island with affordable rates and quality service. Doug explained that during that time period, not many contractors were doing just electric work, therefore he thought this was a good way to offer a specialized service and earn a living.



A nationally recognized tax expert and entrepreneur, Len Green, President of the Green Group, spoke at a recent meeting to engage and discuss with Bucks members philosophies and approaches to building successful businesses.

Admitting that about a third of the companies he has owned have failed, Mr. Green spoke about what he learned from these experiences and how it has helped him grow other businesses into successful ones.

Some of the tips and suggestions offered by Mr. Green included:

- Know why you are going into a certain business. What is the basis for it? Many successful businesses are successful because the owners like what they do.

- Be open to bartering. Mr. Green was involved in creating a T.V. trivia game and he secured some free advertising in certain mediums by offering those mediums a percent of ownership in the company.

- Be smarter than your competition. In responding to a question about operating in a City with heavy regulations, Mr. Green reminded the audience that your competitors are "in the same boat as you." See what they are doing. Do it better. And perhaps create your own niche. Attempt to differentiate your service or profession.

- One of the main keys to success as noted by Mr. Green is to hire smart people and empower them to make decisions. Reward them and give them incentives to help build your company.

- As for preparing an exit strategy for your business, Mr. Green advised that this should be done after determining what your business goal is: keeping the business in the family, going public with it, or perhaps building it up and then selling it.

Helpful tips on organizing your garage were published by the Staten Island Advance.

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James Prendamano of Cassandra Properties spoke recently at the club about the company's newest development, Riverside Galleria, to be located off Arthur Kill Road near the waterfront by the Outerbridge Bridge.

Cassandra Properties is a 30 year old Staten Island company associated with the some of the largest development projects occurring on Staten Island such as Empire Outlets which is adjacent to the NY Wheel being built along the waterfront in St. George; URBY in Stapleton; and The Pointe.

Stating that Staten Island has 1.2 million dollars of unmet retail demand, Mr. Prendamano discussed the uniqueness of Riverside Galleria and the amenities that will make it a regional attraction including a dine-in luxury movie theater, waterfront dining options, ample parking, retail shops, a high end supermarket, and open space such as walking trails through the nearby wetlands.

Riverside Galleria is a 400,000 square project and one example of how Cassandra Properties is helping, as stated by Mr. Prendamano, "change the way people view Staten Island real estate."


Cherubini McInerney Funeral Home offers Five Wishes booklet to help with important conversations with your family.

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As a decades long attorney in general practice on Staten Island with the Otterbeck Law Firm, Harold Otterbeck spoke before the club recently to talk about issues related to preparing your finances and desires for the inevitable end of life. Saying anyone who has money should have a will, Harold discussed how to leave instructions via a legal document on your assets for distribution, the importance and benefits of having a health care proxy, a power of attorney document, and background on what a trust (and the types available) provides you legally.


The Staten Island Museum is the recipient of the Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award. Congratulations to Bucks member Cheryl Adolph, head of the SI Museum.

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SBA Administration to honor Bucks member during National Small Business Week.

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