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"The Customer is Always Right," "You need to be able to manage cash flow", and "Your employees are your greatest assets" were three examples of business insights longtime member, Bob Cutrona of Project One, shared during a recent Bucks meeting.

Beginning with describing his childhood as an embarrassment of riches, not in personal financial wealth, but wealth of happiness and support from his family, Bob described his upbringing, his degree in accounting and the subsequent positions that resulted from that degree from being the Vice President of Planning for Gulf and Western Industries to the Vice President of Finance for Ralph Lauren. After realizing that corporate America was not where he wanted to continue professionally, Bob become part of the franchise cleaning conglomerate, Maintenance King. From there he opened his own service company which started as a cleaning company and expanded to lawn maintenance, landscape design and installation, and eventually snowplowing services. Bob was also a principal in an adjacent business, Priority One, a court reporting service which was eventually bought by the largest court reporting services company on the East Coast.

Project One is fortunate to have a multitude of clients covering schools, shopping centers, the Richmond County Ball Park, local hotels, and many charitable institutions. 

At the April 6th meeting, Congressman Dan Donovan installed the new Officers and Board Members of Bucks for 2016.

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Bucks members gave their outgoing President, Jerry Amerosi, a light-hearted send off in the form of a roast at the last meeting he presided over.

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Bucks member, Nick Asaro of Trade Mart Interiors, recently spoke before the club membership describing the types of services offered by the 45 year old family business he runs.

What started as a firm focusing on upholstery has grown to a company offering a wide range of services to outfit any home or commercial space such as window treatments, drapery, table pads, and design consultation. The company offers a "shop at home" feature where Trade Mart's design staff visits your home or commercial space to take photos and measurements to offer opinions and products that will suit your dwelling.

Responding to a variety of questions from members, Nick discussed his ability to make drapery and other commercial products meet the fire code, his recommendations on where to purchase quality furniture, and the company's ability to deliver custom products such as furniture and enhancements.

Everything Entertainment discusses how water barrels are not the correct option in securing a tent for your outside parties and events.

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Bucks member, Zaloom's Auto Repair, recently incorporated tablet technology in his business for better customer service.

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Bario's Pizzeria Restaurant and Catering was mentioned as a good place to grab a lunch special.

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Northfield Bank has promoted Bucks member Robin Lefkowitz.

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