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"Beat the Heart Attack Gene" by Bradley Bale, MD, and Amy Doreen, ARNP, was the topic of discussion at a meeting this month. Bucks member, Dr. Steven Acker of Elite Dental, discussed points in this book and his overall approach to collaborating with primary doctors and cardiologists to collectively assess and treat the signs of coronary disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Beginning with saying there is no better medication than living a health lifestyle, Dr. Acker used his presentation to inform Bucks members that the dental field and medical field can effectively and efficiently work hand-in-hand to assess possible risks patients may have and treat them together. Noting that evidence of gum disease (inflammed gums) has always been a concern to the dental field for some time because it led to loose teeth and bone loss, as the science become more sophisticated, gum disease is now linked to coronary vascular situations. 

Dr. Acker shared some statistics to bear in mind when thinking about your overall health:

- 23 percent of stroker re-occur.

- 1 million people suffer acute coronary events every year.

- For every dollar spent in wellness saves 3.27 million in medical costs.

Reminding our members that you can't be good in your business if you are not good to yourself, Dr. Acker encouraged members to read "Beat the Heart Attack Gene"  and have discussions with primary doctors and cardiologists about additional screenings that can be done to better ascertain coronary risks.

Dr. Acker is actively looking and very open to forming alliances with Staten Island and regional primary care physicians and cardiologists to treat patients together with a more broad approach.


Bucks Business members shared their 2016 Business Resolutions.

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Bucks member, George Zaloom of Zaloom's Auto Repair, shared a bit of his family history through his seasonal gift giving to his customers.

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Wednesday, 30 December 2015 10:55

Newest Bucks Member to receive Lou Miller Award

Jason Serapiglia from Pique Fitness, the newest member of Bucks, will be receiving the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce's Lou Miller Award.

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Gerald Peters, Zaloom's Auto Service, Bario's, and Party Jungle were named 2015 Reader's Choice winners by readers of

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Bucks members received recognition at the SI Chamber of Commerce Building Awards: Jerry Amerosi, John Tardy, Glen Cutrona, and Cheryl Adolph.

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Bucks member, Dr. Andrew Bienstock, spoke at our meeting recently discussing what led us to his career path and the types of services and products he provides to his patients, as well as his business philosophy.

Dr. Bienstock began his stewardship of Spare Pair Vision Center, a doctor owned and managed facility,  in the year 2000 and worked hard to invest in his new business by hiring new employees, preparing marketing materials and new signage, making courtesy calls to check on his customers, and re-examining his business operations to run the most efficient practice possible.

Dr. Bienstock is a graduate of both SUNY Binghamton and SUNY College of Optometry and began his career working for eye care businesses but knew that eventually he would want to either buy a practice or build a practice from the ground up.

At Spare Pair, Dr. Bienstock and his staff, provide comprehensive eye care including carefully reviewing and assessing the health of his patients' eyes. His company provides all types of lenses and contacts, including occupational glasses, sports glasses, designer frames, and glasses for petite individuals.



Bucks member, Ed Ellardi of FEMCO, spoke recently about his fire extinguisher business at a weekly meeting.

FEMCO has been family owned since 1950 and provides sales and services for fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and related equipment for a variety of customers including hospitals in the Metropolitan region. A very important service provided by FEMCO is the ability to provide an assessment to both residential customers and commercial customers as to where fire safety equipment such as extinguishers and smoke detectors should be installed. In addition to fire safety equipment, FEMCO provides carbon refilling services.


Gena Gold attended a weekly meeting of the club this month to discuss the online review platform, Yelp. Her presentation focused on the value of business owners using this site to promote their business.

Genna, an employee of Yelp, shared some interesting facts about Yelp - its users and its value.

For example:

- Yelp has 79 million unique monthly visitors.

- 57 percent of its users are 35 or over; 79 percent have college degrees; and 66 percent earn over 60,000 dollars and up per year.

- 82 percent of people who use Yelp, use it to make purchases.

- 89 percent make purchases within one week of visiting a business on Yelp.

- 80 percent of businesses get 3 star reviews and higher on Yelp.

As Genna expressed during her remarks, Yelp is a community and a way of life for many consumers therefore it is a good resource for businesses,

The Mayor's office organized representatives from a variety of city agencies to visit our club this month to hear our concerns. Other local networking groups joined us at this meeting.

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