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Assemblyman Michael Cusick, Assemlyman Joe Borrelli, and Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, accepted our invitation and visited our club on Wednesday, October 21st to discuss the proposed minimum wage increase to 15 dollars as advocated by Governor Cuomo.

In a productive exchange with members, the legislators listened to the concerns members had with the increase citing the increase as just another example of how hard it is for some businesses to remain vibrant with escalating costs imposed by the government. Issues such as possible tax credits to offset the wage increase, worker training to improve workers' skills sets, and perhaps a separate wage for teenage workers, were discussed.

The legislators stated that they liked the format of the meeting and the invitation to speak to a pertinent and current issue being discussed that could possibly affect Staten Island businesses. All of the legislators stated they would bring back the groups' concerns and points to Albany when the Governor brings a bill to the Legislature to debate.


Bucks member, Claudette Duff of Integrity Senior Services, is helping displaced Hurricane Sandy seniors by providing them comfort and a home.

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Bucks are once again sponsoring the Night of Networking event at the Hilton on Oct. 20th. We hope to see you there.

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Bucks Roll Out marketing campaign at SI Ferry

Our club rolled out its marketing campaign on the SI Ferry and in the terminal to educate the public on our membership and what we offer.

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Many press articles were generated from the opening of the SI Museum at its new location on the grounds of Snug Harbor Cultural Center.

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Scott Weisberg of Everything Entertainment provided over a quarter of a mile of tenting for the Papal visit in New York City. The company was cited in a Crain's NY article.

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Republican candidate for District Attorney, Joan Illuzzi, and Democratic candidate for District Attorney, Michael McMahon, both visited the club this month to share their qualifications for the office they are seeking and outline their vision and plans if elected.

Candidate Illuzzi has been a prosecutor with the New York County District Attorney's Office for 27 years. Candidate McMahon has been an attorney for decades and is a former Congressman and City Councilman for Staten Island.

Both candidates cited the drug epidemic on Staten Island as one of the most pressing issues facing our community and committed to using all resources available to combat it if elected.

Breitling becomes 30th brand offering to join Gerald Peters collection.

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"It's just good business, to do good," were the opening remarks by speaker, Mary Anne Semon, Division Director of the March of Dimes, Staten Island, at a recent Bucks meeting.

Visiting the club to talk about how volunteering, whether it is by the principals of a business or their employees, is a good thing to do to grow and engage your business in the community. Charitable organizations are always looking for individuals and companies to help them conduct programs, raise funds for their organization, and assist them in fulfilling their mission and serving their clients.  Ms. Semon noted that according to the IRS, 85 percent of charitable groups have no paid staff and are all run by volunteers.


Ms. Semon discussed during her remarks that getting involved in community work with charitable groups helped to: enhance skills, win publicity, make new contacts, and bolster employee morale. Several Bucks members noted that their reputation was enhanced by serving on boards and participating in volunteer projects, noting that despite the benefits they enjoyed being involved in the community and giving back.



Offering ways for employees to live a healthy lifestyle was the main topic of Wednesday's meeting with remarks given by Pauline Ferrante of New York City Office of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Ms. Ferrante discussed ideas and asked questions with respect to employing a healthy workforce. Bringing in healthy food for lunch, offering exercise classes during lunch hours, or installing walking stations where both exercise and work can be performed at the same time, were the types of suggestions offered to improve the overall health of employees. Oftentimes, health insurance companies offer wellness programs for their insured individuals.

The New York City Office of Health and Mental Hygiene is divided into a variety of divisions including Mental Health and a Drug\Alcohol Prevention.