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Loffredo, Mark

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At Post Exterminating our highly trained and accredited professional technicians understand that completely successful pest management requires a thorough knowledge of pests, their habits, and their habitats. Before any action is taken, our trained professionals will thoroughly inspect the affected areas and existing surrounding environments. The result of the inspection will allow us to determine what, if any, pest is present and what factors can be causing your pest issue.

Being GREEN has never been easier! At Post Exterminating, we only turn pesticides as a last resort. The use of IPM (Integrated Pest Control Management) allows us to use monitoring devices to determine where pests are active; change the living environment of the pests to ensure that they will be less likely to continue to survive; determine what access points pests have to structure to allow the sealing/treatment of these areas; only as a last resort are pesticides considered, and only eco-friendly pesticides will be used when there is no other option for successful treatment.

Mark, as owner of the company, has attended the institute for design construction and the State University of New York, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Building Science. He has spent his life involved in the pest control industry; he is an adjunct professor teaching the pest control technology, rules, law, chemical formulation and basics of pest control.

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