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Sottile, Salvatore

About me

Salvatore Sottile is the founder of Sottile Security. Sal began in the security business in 1979, as a certified polygraph examiner at Starr Security & New York Lie Detection Laboratories. Over the course of eleven years Mr. Sottile, administered over 15,000 polygraph examinations. The examinations were conducted for investigative units such as; the New York District Attorneys office, New York City Police Department, Harrison Police Department, & the Legal Aid Society, Mr. Sottile, also was the chief polygraph examiner for financial establishments such as: Goldman Sachs, E.F. Hutton, Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch, Oppenheimer, in 1986 Mr. Sottile, was the first American polygraph examiner to administer polygraph testing in London England for Goldman Sachs.

In 1990, Mr. Sottile and a partner created Tower Security & Investigation, Inc located in the world Trade Center. At that time the company employed (5) people and rose to 100. In 1994, Mr. Sottile returned to Starr Security & New York Lie Detection Laboratories, as a partner with over 4500 hours of security business. In the next few years a series acquisitions accounted for three company purchases which included Flag Security, Web Investigations and Berry Security. In the year 2000, Mr. Sottile purchased the remaining assets of Starr from the remaining partnership and began Sottile Security Services. In 2007, Sottile purchased Globe Security Partners. The company grew to over 500 employees.

As an actual “hands on” owner Mr. Sottile has created much industry related materials and publications that have helped shape many customer locations and other guard companies. Mr. Sottile is a daily fixture in the office maintaining the image of a security company with ethics and honesty. Sottile Security has two locations in New York and one in Staten Island. Its headquarters is at 40 Exchange Place, New York City and has been located there since 1997.

Sottile Security provides numerous security services including, retail, commercial, residential, industrial. Sottile Security entertainment protection division has protected notables such as Timothy Cardinal Dolan, President Jimmy Carter, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Jerry Seinfeld, Kevin James, Bill Cosby, Diana Ross,

Professional Highlights
Career based in investigations and safety. Licensed Polygraph examiner conducted over 15,000 investigations including the first polygraph examiner to conduct investigation in London England at Goldman Sachs. Conducted investigation involving NYPD, Harrison Police Department, District Attorney’s Office, Securities and Exchange Commission. And Legal Aid Society.

Owner of Sottile Security International, Inc. a full-service security agency employing over 300 people with offices in Manhattan, and Staten Island.

NYPD Community Partner, mentor and educate all rookie personnel who are assigned to the 123, and 122 Precincts.

Co-Chair NYPD Staten Island Remembers event which recognizes the 24 police officers which were residents of Staten Island.

Co-Chair/Chamber of Commerce NYPD Police Officer of the Year event held each year to commemorate heroic efforts of individuals assigned to the four police precincts located on Staten Island.

Co-Chair/Chamber of Commerce FDNY Valor Awards Ceremony, honors heroic efforts of Firefighters and EMS Members

Selected to be assigned to Presidents Donald Trump’s security team during campaign.
Security Services
40 Exchange Place
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Sottile Security International, Inc
40 Exchange Place, New York, NY 10005
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